CMAA Sacred Music Colloquia

This is the archive of the audio recordings from the CMAA Colloquia starting in 2008.  As we've learned about recording, the quality has improved.

Almost all the music here is public domain - exceptions are clearly noted.

Instructions are included on each page for downloading the music packet, for finding the higher-quality recordings, and for doing bulk-downloads.

Please contact Carl Dierschow if you:

  • Find errors on these pages
  • Have additional recordings you would like to have included
  • Appreciate this and hope it will continue

Now, on to the good stuff!

2008 Colloquium

2009 Colloquium

2010 Colloquium

2011 Colloquium

2012 Colloquium

2013 Colloquium

2014 Colloquium

2015 Colloquium

2016 Winter Colloquium

2016 Colloquium

2017 Winter Colloquium

2017 Colloquium

2018 Winter Colloquium

2018 Colloquium

2019 Colloquium


Last edited 11 July 2019