Attracting and retaining volunteers for your choir

Carl Dierschow led a discussion of 42 participants on Wednesday June 19th.  This was an interactive session to uncover what works for people in attracting volunteers, and retaining inspired people over the long term.

There were four discussion questions:

  1. What attracted you, personally, to volunteer in a group?  What have you seen that works for bringing in people, even if it's not in a church context?
  2. What experiences have you had which caused you to stay involved in a group over the long term?
  3. When we look at successful organizations, what keeps volunteers involved over a long period?
  4. What is the one thing that you want to take away from this discussion and implement in your parish?

We also had a short discussion near the end about a particular idea: Actually letting people know how much they're appreciated.

You can hear the recording of our questions and large-group discussion here, although the noise level is quite high because it was a restaurant environment.  There are five sections, separated by three seconds of silence.

The notes below are unfiltered and in no particular order.  You will see plenty of cases where an idea may directly contradict another, but that's quite fine.  The point is to get new ideas which may be applicable in your situation.

I will be posting further ideas and observations to the Musicasacra Forum under the topic Management of Music Programs.

Please send your ideas, observations and corrections to Carl Dierschow.

What attracted you to volunteer in a group?  What brings in people?

Why did you stay with a volunteer situation for many years?

What makes for organizations which attract and keep volunteers coming back?

How does the choir know that you appreciate what you do?

What is the one thing that you will take away from this discussion?


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Last edited 24 July 2013