CMAA Sacred Music Colloquium
June 2011


To download each recording to the hard disc on your PC:

To download each recording to the hard disc on your Mac:

If you tire of downloading each file, you can grab the following ZIP files which contain all these MP3 files.  You'll have to unpack each of the files on your computer.

MP3 is a more generally accepted format, but I have also created .WMA files, which are full-quality versions of the music.  If you are able to play WMA (that includes iTunes), then you want this version.  Download the ZIP files here:

How do you know which MP3/WMA file belongs to each listing in the index?

If you are comfortable with ftp, you can grab all these files using:

user: colloq11
password: download

Look in the "MP3" and "WMA" directories.

The original recordings were in full quality WAV format, while these are stored in MP3 in order to save space and reduce download time.  In general, music is 256Kbit MP3 while spoken recordings are 64Kbit MP3.  Please contact me if you would like other parts of the recording (announcements, readings, etc.) not captured here, or would like the full-quality source.

If you have questions or feedback, please contact Carl Dierschow.